Four Corners Energy, LLC, has partnered with CPower to deliver to our customers Demand Response Programs.

Demand response programs offered by CPower provide revenue opportunities for energy end-users. By enrolling in these programs, participants agree to reduce their electricity consumption in response to peak system demand, grid emergencies or peak wholesale prices, thereby contributing to grid stability and lower market prices.

Demand response can be a powerful tool in a company's overall energy management strategy. By participating in demand response programs, companies can earn significant revenue while simultaneously reducing energy expenses through lower consumption. These strategies can help offset the rising costs of energy and improve a company's bottom line.

In addition, participation in demand response programs results in significant environmental benefits. By reducing the peak electric load on the grid, demand response participants help reduce the need for more power plants, lowering carbon dioxide and other emissions. At the same time, demand response participants reduce their own consumption of electricity and the associated carbon emissions.

Demand response programs come in many shapes and sizes. CPower is committed to finding the program or programs that best suit each company's objectives. Demand response opportunities include:

  • Capacity Clients sign up in advance to be available to curtail their energy usage when electricity demand exceeds supply in their region. Participants typically earn revenue on a monthly basis or quarterly, regardless of whether or not a client is called upon to curtail their energy usage.
  • Price Response Clients voluntarily curtail their energy usage upon notification by the grid operator that wholesale energy prices have exceeded their bid threshold. The availability of price response programs depends on the client's location. In many regions, a client may enroll in more than one program, thereby increasing their revenue potential.

Reserves Program:

The electricity conserved by a client is the same as the electricity generated by a power plant and has the same financial value in the energy market. If a client agrees to reduce their demand for electricity when called upon, less power will have to be generated to meet the demand. Reserves are the amount of load a client can eliminate or "curtail" when called upon to do so.

Participation in reserves programs requires a company to provide a minimum of one megawatt of load reduction. Clients providing reserves have a 10-minute response period to reduce or generate load depending upon program requirements. Reserves can be generated through the conservation of electricity usage that can be shifted to another time of day, such as charging equipment earlier or later than usual. Payments for reserves program participation can range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the number of megawatts the client can curtail, the number of hours the client can participate and which program is selected.

Regulation Program:

Regulation service is vital for the continual balance of power generation with load-side demand and maintaining the amount of frequency needed for electricity transmission. Clients that participate in regulation service commit to either generation or demand-side resources, raising or lowering their output or consumption as necessary to assist with moment-by-moment demand or grid changes.

Clients providing regulation must have the ability to change their energy output by a minimum of one megawatt based on a 6-second signal. Regulation can include electricity from a business process or equipment that facilitates quick increases or decreases to a client's load consumption. CPower has extensive experience working with clients to develop curtailment plans for programs that ensure that the client's core business operations will not be adversely affected. Payments for regulation program participation can range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the number of megawatts the client can curtail and the number of hours the client can participate.

Participation in regulation programs is completely voluntary. If a client is unable to participate for a period of time, the client simply needs to notify CPower two days prior, and the client will be removed from the market.